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The best applicants

Through the use of this interactive video, DMG expects that potential new employees will be able to make a more conscious decision to apply for a job. Together with DMG, UP learning has developed an interactive video that allows (potential) job applicants to learn about DMG’s values in advance. Potential new employees can then make a more conscious choice on whether to apply. The company also sees this modern form of recruiting as a first step in the onboarding process for new employees.

The Mandemakers Group

Yvonne van Rooij

“We want to introduce applicants to DMG’s values in a fun way. This interactive video allows us to do that visually and with a nice dose of humour. This means we can show how much importance DMG attaches to its values while also allowing people get a glimpse of the different departments within DMG.”

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Ster Hutten | UP learning