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Self-Directed learning in a pleasant learning environment

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Put employees in charge of their development

Changes demand a lot from employees. And also of their personal development. That is why, as a Learning Professional, you build a Learning Culture. Because a Learning Organisation offers advantages:

  • Employees who are given control over their development are more motivated.
  • Employees who reflect on their own approach perform better.
  • By taking charge as a Learning Professional, you safeguard Learning & Development. Also in the long term.

A scientific basis and a practical approach. This is how we help you build a Learning Organisation.

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We also work for

Self-Directed Learning in your organisation. This is how we help you.

Whereas previously Self-Directed Learning was approached as a personal matter, science indicates that the work environment is particularly important. The Learning Climate Scan offers you a benchmark for your learning culture:

  • Insight: What (organisational) factors play an essential role in Self-Directed Learning?
  • Awareness: What is the current level of performance with regard to these key factors?
  • Guides: How can your organisation work with factors that still need improvement?
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"Within 3 months, we had created a fully-fledged and attractive learning environment that employees could use to improve the quality of their work and to take control of their own development."

Developing a learning culture. This is where you find depth.

Through the links below you will find inspiration in the form of Ted talks, videos, blogs and Slideshare presentations.

Curious how it works?

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The power of bespoke e-Learning?

Or wondering about the benefits a Learning Platform can deliver?
Discover their stories.

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An internal workshop with stakeholders from HR, L&D and the department. One that makes use, necessity and solution clear.

Didactic concept

Together with you, we design a didactic concept. Tailored to one or, if necessary, several target groups.

Learning campaign

A single intervention is usually not enough. If necessary, we use various learning resources and channels.

Blended Learning

Together with you, we assemble the ideal combination of online and offline learning resources. We keep what is good.

Defining success

When is bespoke eLearning or the implementation of a Learning Platform a success for you?

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