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Changing behaviour through smart interventions

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Why a learning campaign is a smart move

Changing behaviour. That’s quite difficult. For example, if we do something unhealthy, we are aware of it. But we still do it. And so knowledge often does not lead directly to better habits. Does this sound familiar?

  • The test at the end of safety training is successfully passed. Yet the number of incidents is increasing.
  • The new software system has been worked on for weeks. Yet it is being underused.
  • “The customer is central. In everything we do.” Nevertheless, customer satisfaction is decreasing.
A learning campaign makes it easier for employees to change their behaviour. That’s how you do it. In 4 steps.
Leercampagnes | e-Learning | UP learning

Step 1 of 4

Goal and target group

What do you want to achieve and with whom?

  • What is your objective and how do we measure/know that the change was successful?
  • Which target groups have the most influence on this?
  • What behaviour should they exhibit?

Step 2 of 4

The concept

How do you activate the target group?

  • What triggers do you use to make sure people find the topic important and interesting?
  • What mental or physical rewards do you use?
  • What effort should the employees make?
  • What physical and mental barriers do you need to remove? 

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Step 3 of 4

The design

How, what and when?

  • Which online and offline resources do you use for the greatest impact?
  • Is it within budget?
  • Plan on the basis of the Engage, Learn and Perform phases.
  • The campaign is launched. For everyone at once or with a test group first.

Step 4 of 4

Evaluation and adjustment

Adjustment needed? 

  • Collect data on the objectives and corresponding behaviour in each phase.
  • What can you learn about each phase?
  • Where is it necessary to make adjustments?

Learning campaigns with impact. For them too.

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