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This is how you get from learning goal to applied behavior

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‘Would you please make this an eLearning?’

Does this question sound familiar to you? You probably don’t say, ‘Yes, that’s good’ right away. Because you know that more than one intervention is needed to really change behaviour.

And that’s why a Learning Campaign is a good idea

In the toilet you see a puzzling poster. Two weeks later, messages appear on your phone that throw you off balance. And then there’s a link to a minigame. Curious you click. There’s an irate customer in front of you…

From knowledge to behaviour

How do you deal with that customer? You can memorize all kinds of scenarios and the desired reaction. But knowledge does not automatically mean that you will react that way. To actually change behavior, several interventions are usually needed. As a Learning Professional you therefore also turn the buttons of motivation, practice and repetition. Until the behavior changes. But how do you connect these different interventions to each other?

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Nieuwsgierig naar de kracht van maatwerk e-Learning? Lees hun verhaal.

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With a Learning Campaign, you ensure that the message comes across better and behavior changes sooner.

This is how you create a Learning Campaign

Successful Learning Campaigns combine content, didactics, design, copywriting and behavioral science. Do you have your goal crystal clear? Then follow these 6 steps.

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Know your target audience

What affects your target audience? When will they take action? Tailor your message to their knowledge and skills. That makes the difference between success and failure.
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Design with attention

Create your own identity. And pay attention to your idea in text and images. Feel free to explore the boundaries of the house style. Your colleagues will appreciate it.

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Deploy multiple channels

Determine which existing offline and online learning tools and systems you want to use. Take a good look at where your colleagues are now online and offline.

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Plan in parts

One big learning intervention? An information overload does not remain in the mind for long. Share it and plan your contact moments.

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Keep repeating

The power of repetition? They know all about it in advertising. It’s simple and effective. Use it.

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Analyse action-oriented

Do you see the effect of your campaign? Do your colleagues apply the behavior in practice? Adjust your campaign where necessary.


Do not simply say ‘yes’ to the question whether you can make an e-Learning. Take the above steps and you will soon come up with creative ideas and increase your impact. Would you like help with that? We are ready for you.

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