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You see it. You practice it. You do it.

And then the next new employee arrives who has to learn to work with the IT systems. Just imagine being the expert who has to do the same thing over and over again. It’s enough to turn you grey. Screencasts, (screen recordings with or without interaction) are a welcome solution. With a Screencast you can easily teach yourself. This is how it works.

Screencasts | e-Learning | Leermiddelen | UP learning

3 types of Screencast

Passive and interactive

Show me how

A video recording explaining the actions carried out within an application.

  • often supported by audio
  • no interaction
  • subtitled if required

Let me do

The user executes a command within a ‘dummy’ application as if it were real.

  • the correct order is important
  • feedback on actions
  • usually no audio

Test me

The user executes commands within a ‘dummy’ application. Mistakes or a request for help are detrimental to the result.

  • no direct feedback
  • the end result counts
  • also useful to measure whether the form of training was successful

We record screens, provide explanation and allow practice

A Screencast quickly pays for itself. Besides saving time, it ensures that everyone is trained in the same way. Show me how’ videos are relatively easy to make yourself. For ‘Let me do’ and ‘Test me’ Screencasts, some didactic advice is advisable. We can help you with that, of course. We can also ensure that you can make adjustments yourself to Screencasts developed by us. Want to know how it works? We are happy to help you on your way.
Screencasts| e-Learning | Leermiddelen | UP learning

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