The complete and user-friendly Learning Platform. Including built-in AI for your LMS and content development.

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Learning Management and content development with AI in one

A Learning Management System (LMS) is the foundation for Learning & Development.

Docebo is the most comprehensive learning platform you can wish for. With integrated AI, it gives you control over Learning & Development and allows you to easily create learning content.

Find out why Docebo has more than 30,000,000 users worldwide.


Grows with you



An AI-based Learning Management System for managing and organizing learning content, courses and employee progress.



Create e-learning modules with the help of AI. Docebo Shape makes it easy for L&D and content experts. Just upload your sources.



Learn while you work. Flow provides personalized learning interventions, right in the software application you are using at that moment.

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With the richest libraries of compelling e-learning, your colleagues will keep developing continuously. Offered by: GO1 and Open Sesame.


Learning impact

Have your learning interventions evaluated and get immediate insight into the impact. Including benchmarks with peer organisations from your industry.


Learning analytics

Combine your learning data with your business data. This way you get insight into the impact of your learning interventions on your organisational goals.

Docebo creates a positive impact because it…

  • knows how to motivate your colleagues or learners in smart ways;
  • adds demonstrable value to Learning & Development with the help of AI in developing, organizing and executing learning interventions;
  • enables personalized learning and can offer learning interventions in the ‘flow of work’.


Your LMS implementation partner. This is how we help you.

Dissecting your needs

What goals are you pursuing? What do employees and managers need from a learning platform?


We design the learning platform according to your wishes. Functionally, graphically and in terms of the user experience.


Planning = tuning. We work with you as a team and make timely adjustments where necessary.


Then the big moment arrives. How do you ensure a smooth start? We are happy to advise you on the launch campaign.


Technical or functional questions? User training? We tailor our service to your needs. Typical UP.

Ask us for advice

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