Virtual Classrooms

Distance or hybrid learning and collaboration

Virtual Classrooms | Video Learning | UP learning

They also use Kaltura for Learning & Knowledge Sharing

Learning, developing and collaborating through video

Virtual Classrooms | Video Learning | UP learning

Look beyond the boundaries of learning, training and knowledge sharing

For R&D, Sales, Communication and Support


Share ideas

Share your new plan or idea. For example, start with a video pitch and allow others to have their say, fill in a poll or give their opinion independently. Analyse and discuss the results.


Work together

In human contact, being able to see each other is particularly important. Working together goes a lot better under those circumstances. You draw the participants into your story and keep them engaged. Whether it is one-to-one or with a large group.


Offer support

You can solve issues quicker if you have a complete picture of the problem. View the situation live or share your screen. You can get on top of the situation without fuss.

Online Training

Sometimes it is difficult or undesirable to get together for a training session. With Kaltura Meetings, you can provide high-quality training or learning interventions. The advantages of Kaltura Meetings.

  • Fully web-based, so you can get started right away without any technical hassle.
  • Organise your own Classrooms or Webinars for small or large groups.
  • Upload, share and reuse your training material from various sources.
  • All in a secure and self-contained environment.
Virtual Classroom | UP learning

Create, present, share, interact

  • Share presentations, your own videos, YouTube videos and other content.
  • Chats and polls and tests.
  • Drawing and sharing via whiteboards.
  • Split participants into groups for a brainstorming session and feed back the results centrally.
  • Seamless integration with your Learning Management System.
Virtual Classroom | UP learning

Your Kaltura implementation partner. This is how we help you.

Dissecting your needs

What goals are you pursuing? How can employees or students better learn and share their knowledge with video?


We design the Kaltura platform according to your wishes. Functionally, graphically and in terms of the user experience.


Planning = tuning. We work with you as a team and make timely adjustments where necessary.


Then the big moment arrives. How do you ensure a smooth start? We are happy to advise you on the launch campaign.


Technical or functional questions? User training? We tailor our service to your needs. Typical UP.

Ask us for advice

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