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Developments in Information and Communication Technology are rapid, which demands a lot from employees. As a Learning Professional, you ensure they stay up-to-date. How do you turn Learning and Knowledge Sharing into a habit? We know how.

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Together, we build Learning Solutions with impact

UP-to-date employees. This is how we help

Bespoke e-Learning and Learning Platforms


  • Quickly introduce new employees to the learning and organisational culture.
  • Get to know processes and procedures and act on them.
  • Make a habit of learning and sharing knowledge straight away.

Next level learning

  • Online and offline training courses for developing knowledge.
  • Skills training with interactive forms of work.
  • Virtual or Augmented Reality for more impact from your learning intervention.

Learning Platform

  • Learning where, when and how it suits employees.
  • Learning Experience and Performance Management fully integrated.
  • Keep a grip on the development of employees and teams.

They like to share their story

Curious about the power of bespoke e-Learning? Want to know what a Learning Platform can deliver? Read their story.

They like to tell their story

"The added value of UP? Passion, creativity, reliability, flexibility, and educational expertise. I look forward to the next project!"

Learning solutions for pioneers

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Training skills is just as important as transferring knowledge.
  • You want to be able to manage complex learning paths easily.
  • A measured mix of online and offline learning enhances results.

However you wish to maintain your employees’ knowledge and skills, we are here to support you.

Bespoke e-Learning

Which Learning Tools will have the greatest impact for you? And will it fit your budget? We’ll find out for you. No obligation.


Which Learning Platform do you use to promote learning, development, and knowledge sharing? How do you engage employees and maintain control over their performance? With UP, you have options to choose from.

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