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Learning Management Systeem (LMS)

Totara Learn | Learning Management | UP learning

Is Totara Learn the right LMS for your organisation?

There’s a lot to learn. From legislation and regulations to customer-focused and safe work. And from professional knowledge to learning to communicate. Online, in class or in a mix. Does this sound familiar?

  • Managers need a better grip on the training courses taken by employees in their team.
  • We want to invest in learning and development, but don’t want to incur unnecessary organisational and management costs.
  • ‘Learning’ continues to develop in our organisation. Support systems must be able to grow alongside this.

With the Totara Learn LMS, you can organise it to perfection. Find out how.

Totara Learn | Learning Management | UP learning

They also learn with Totara

Freedom to Learn

Totara is an open-source LMS. These are your benefits.


A learning platform that adapts to your organisation. That’s what you want. The functionality, the design, the content, the tone of voice and the presentation. We advise and think along with you.

Free choice

If you choose Totara, you keep the freedom to switch Totara partner. Whenever you want. But it goes without saying that we would prefer to work with you for a long time. Obviously!


Totara has a low total cost of ownership. This means that you can invest more in what really matters: the development of your employees.

How the Totara LMS works

  • Facilitate personal development. Link your organisational structure to functions, roles and competencies.
  • Draw up personal learning plans.
  • Give managers insight into the development of their employees and teams.

Learn from and share your knowledge with the Totara community

Knowledge sharing between Learning Professionals. We are happy to organise and facilitate that.
  • Take a look behind the scenes of fellow Totara users and exchange tips.
  • Influence the further development of Totara. As a platinum Totara partner, we are close to the helm.
  • Join our user days and workshops to get more out of your LMS and its content.
Totara Learn | Learning Management | UP learning

Totara Platinum Partner. The only one in the Netherlands.

We grow together. That’s why we see the Platinum partnership with Totara as a reward from our customers. Because with a shared focus on increasing the ‘Learning Value’ with Totara, we achieve the greatest impact. Totara is open. Not satisfied with your provider? A switch is easily arranged.

Totara Platinum Partner | UP learning

"Training days down from 30 to 6. New employees spend 24 more days in the shop."

The Totara Talent Experience Platform

With Social Learning and Performance Management, you make it complete

Totara Learn

Learning online, face-to-face, or ‘blended’ by combining them? Totara Learn, the Learning Management System (LMS), allows you to manage and organise learning and development in your organisation. Down to the last detail.

Totara Engage

Employees who share their knowledge and expertise. This ensures personal growth as well as that of the organisation. Discover the power of Social Learning with Totara Engage. The Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

Totara Perform

The vitality of employees depends on many factors. With Totara Perform, the Performance Management System, you can customise your coaching and/or assessment cycle. Adjustments? Check.

Your LMS implementation partner. This is how we help you.

Dissecting your needs

What goals are you pursuing? What do employees and managers need from a learning platform?


We design the learning platform according to your wishes. Functionally, graphically and in terms of the user experience.


Planning = tuning. We work with you as a team and make timely adjustments where necessary.


Then the big moment arrives. How do you ensure a smooth start? We are happy to advise you on the launch campaign.


Technical or functional questions? User training? We tailor our service to your needs. Typical UP.

Ask us for advice

Bespoke e-Learning or a Learning Platform? Call, mail or fill in the form.