Our approach

Which has proven itself in practice. Every single day.

Self-Directed learning

A ‘Learning Organisation’ has a healthy Learning Culture. Because with employees who continue to develop themselves, your organisation remains relevant. For many years to come.

Performance Mapping

Whether you want to develop customised e-learning, a learning platform, or both. First we want to know your situation and goals. ‘Performance Mapping’ makes this easy and fast.

Sharing knowledge with professional colleagues

Learning & Development. Your organisation should leave it to you as a Learning Professional. That’s the power of HR, HRD, and L&D. That’s why we encourage your development. Because together you learn more.


We work for, learn together and grow with

The power of bespoke e-Learning?

Or wondering about the benefits a Learning Platform can deliver?
Discover their stories.

Learning solutions with impact. Guaranteed.

We believe in the power of customised learning solutions. Because that is how you as a Learning Professional achieve the greatest impact. Practice proves it.

Customised e-Learning

Which Learning Resources will you use to reach your goal? And is that within your budget? Discover the power of e-Learning, (interactive) Video and Virtual & Augmented Reality.

You choose your own learning platform

Which Learning Platform do you use to promote Learning, Development and Knowledge Sharing? And keep a grip on Performance. With UP, you have plenty of choice. How do you make your choice?

"The added value of the UP team? Passion, creativity, reliability, flexibility and didactic expertise. I look forward to the next project!"

How we help you to increase learning value

  • We combine your input with didactics, behavioural science, creativity and technology to create learning solutions with demonstrable impact.
  • A single point of contact and comprehensive service. Also when your e-Learning content and Learning Platform come together.
  • For us, working together equals learning together. That’s why we are happy to share our knowledge.
e-Learning diensten | UP learning

Your partner in online learning. This is how we help you.

Dissecting your needs

What goals are you pursuing? What do employees and managers need in order to develop? Kick. Start.


Your wishes and our expertise in the mix. Functional and creative for a User Experience with impact.


Planning = tuning. We work with you as a team and make timely adjustments where necessary.


Then the big moment arrives. How do you make sure your learning solution lands? We are there for you. And for your campaign.


Technical or functional questions? User training? We tailor our service to your needs. Typical UP.

Ask us for advice

Bespoke e-Learning or a Learning Platform? Call, mail or fill in the form.