Performance Mapping

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Performance Mapping | Onze aanpak | UP learning

This approach has proven itself in practice

Whether you want to develop bespoke eLearning, a learning platform, or both. Before we pull out our toolbox, we want to get to know your situation and goals. We use the UP Action Mapping method* to do this, in which we match:

  • the measurable goal you want to achieve
  • the behavioural change required for this
  • the reason why it’s not happening yet
  • what employees need

Curious how it works?

Performance Mapping | Onze aanpak | UP learning

We also work for

Making your goals measurable

What does online learning actually deliver? A question that, as a Learning Professional, you naturally want to see answered. And often more difficult than you had hoped. The Learning Analytics model by Don Kirkpatrick and Jack Phillips provides guidance. We can help to give this a practical interpretation.  As you know, the numbers tell the tale.
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Starting today, we are going to change our behaviour

If only it were that easy. Behavioural science teaches us otherwise. But if we know why the behaviour is not being displayed, we can do something about it. And so we make grateful use of the insights from this branch of sport. Like this:

  • we know how behavioural design principles help to achieve the desired behaviour
  • we increase the impact of learning interventions by incorporating them into learning campaigns.
  • we keep your Learning Platform ‘match fit’ by combining the user interface, user experience and eLearning modules into a single experience
Curious how it works?
Performance Mapping | Onze aanpak | UP learning

And this is our toolbox

After the what comes the how

eLearning learning resources

  • Animations
  • Augmented Reality
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • System simulations
  • (Interactive) Video
  • Virtual Reality
  • Vlogs

Authoring tools content creation

  • Articulate Rise
  • Articulate Storyline
  • Gomo
  • imc Express
  • Klynt
  • Lectora
  • Zappar

Implementation and use

  • Blended Learning (mix of online and offline learning resources)
  • Learning campaigns
  • Learning Analytics
  • User Generated Content
  • SCORM modules
  • xAPi modules

In the mix

And then we get to work. Bring in your knowledge and wishes. What can and will you do yourself? Together, we create the ideal set-up for your learning solution. Expertise we can bring to the table:
  • Didactics
  • Behavioural science
  • Creativity
  • Modern technology
Working together also means that we share our knowledge with you. We take that for granted.
Performance Mapping | Onze aanpak | UP learning

"Training days down from 30 to 6. New employees spend 24 more days in the shop."

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An internal workshop with stakeholders from HR, L&D and the department. One that makes use, necessity and solution clear.

Didactic concept

Together with you, we design a didactic concept. Tailored to one or, if necessary, several target groups.

Learning campaign

A single intervention is usually not enough. If necessary, we use various learning resources and channels.

Blended Learning

Together with you, we assemble the ideal combination of online and offline learning resources. We keep what is good.

Defining success

When is bespoke eLearning or the implementation of a Learning Platform a success for you?

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