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Train skilled workers and share their knowledge

System designers, mechanics, operators and engineers. As a Learning Professional, you make an important contribution to oiling that collective machine. We help you with customised (online) training courses and platforms for learning and knowledge sharing. This is how you ensure that your colleagues remain at the forefront of their field. Well done!

Industrie | e-Learning en LMS | UP learning

Together, we build Learning Solutions with impact

Strong professionals? This is how we help you.

Bespoke eLearning and Learning Platforms


  • Quickly introduce new employees to the learning and organisational culture.
  • Get to know processes and procedures and act on them.
  • Knowledge transfer from new employees to colleagues.

Next level learning

  • Online knowledge sharing and skills training.
  • Raising risk awareness through interactive forms of work.
  • Virtual or Augmented Reality for more impact from your learning intervention.

Learning Platform

  • Learning where, when and how it suits employees.
  • Learning Experience and Performance Management fully integrated.
  • Keep a grip on the development of employees and teams.

They like to share their story

Curious about the power of custom e-Learning? Want to know what a Learning Platform delivers? Read their story.

"The positive feedback culture drastically reduced the number of safety incidents."

Learning solutions for your Industry

Does that sound familiar?

  • Professional knowledge is changing rapidly. This requires training that is easy to adapt.
  • Increasing innovation power is also a task for Learning & Development.
  • Sharing knowledge between employees is key to maintaining production levels.

Whatever your approach, employees are your greatest asset. We help you to keep them up to date.


With which learning resources will you achieve the greatest impact? And does this fit your budget? We find out for you. Without obligation.

Learning platforms in the industrial sector

Which Learning Platform can you use to promote Learning, Development and Knowledge Sharing? How do you activate employees and keep a grip on their performance? With UP, you have plenty of choice.

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