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A service-minded (semi) government organisation demands a lot from its employees. With health, infrastructure, safety, culture and finance, among others, the range of tasks is wide. How do you, as a Learning Professional, keep employees competent and helpful in these times? We are happy to support you.

(semi) Overheid | e-Learning en LMS | UP learning

Together, we build Learning Solutions with impact

A strong government? This is how we help you.

                   Customised e-Learning and Learning Platforms


  • Quickly introduce new employees to the learning and organisational culture.
  • Get to know processes and procedures and act on them.
  • Training through system simulations so that the data is always in order.

Next level learning

  • Online and offline training courses to develop knowledge and decisiveness.
  • Raising employee awareness of risks with interactive online forms of work.
  • Virtual or Augmented Reality for more impact from your learning intervention.

Learning Platform

  • Learning where, when and how it suits employees.
  • Learning Experience and Performance Management fully integrated.
  • Keep a grip on the development of employees and teams.

They like to tell their story

Curious about the power of custom e-Learning? Want to know what a Learning Platform delivers? Read their story.

"Virtual Reality opens new doors. Because we now have experience with house searches, we know what works and what doesn't."

Learning solutions for (semi) government bodies

Does that sound familiar?

  • Training supports both personal and team development.
  • Knowing the laws and regulations is important, but it is the application that counts.
  • Without knowledge sharing, service provision gets stuck.

However you serve society, your employees are your greatest asset. That is why you keep them fit on all fronts. We can help you.


With which learning resources will you achieve the greatest impact? And does this fit your budget? We find out for you. Without obligation.

Learning platforms for (semi) government bodies

Which Learning Platform can you use to promote Learning, Development and Knowledge Sharing? How do you activate employees and keep a grip on their performance? With UP, you have plenty of choice.

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