Customer focus

Learning solutions to turn customers into ambassadors

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Responding to wishes, exceeding expectations

A satisfied customer who recommends your brand, product or service to others. That’s the basis for success. As a Learning Professional, how do you ensure that all employees work in a customer-focused way? And without losing sight of the organisation’s goals?

The customer comes first. That’s how they learn.

  • Rehearse or simulate practical situations.
  • Show the effects of behaviour in your learning intervention.
  • Colleagues who dare to give each other ‘feed-forward’. That works. Include it in your learning programme.
Which form of learning suits your colleagues?
Klantgerichtheid | e-Learning en LMS | UP learning

From customer to fan

This is how you help your colleagues make it happen


Allow them to practice as if in real life.

How do you create a click with the customer? That’s quite difficult. By practicing with different types of customer, your colleagues will soon become wiser. Learn from practical situations. With Interactive Video, AR and VR.


Why is he walking away now?

How the customer experiences your organisation remains a human thing. Customer-focused thinking and acting requires people skills. Train them by showing them the effects of behaviour.


An organisation culture can also be trained.

Better together every day. Is this what your organisation strives for? Fixed. And that’s why you include ‘the desired culture’ in your training sessions. Colleagues asking each other for tips and advice. That works.

Customers (/fans)

We work for, learn together and grow with

The power of bespoke e-Learning?

Or wondering about the benefits a Learning Platform can deliver?
Discover their stories.

"Employees also face dilemmas when collecting, delivering or helping customers at the PLUS collection point: 'How do you guarantee a satisfied customer?' In addition to knowledge, the right attitude is needed."

Employees who fit your brand. This is how you train them.

Your brand is constantly evolving. Just like your employees. And customers. As a Learning Professional, you have a toolbox full of learning resources to keep your colleagues up to date. What do they need?

eLearning and Blended Learning

From Interactive Video to face-to-face meetings. From Infographic to Augmented Reality. What form should your learning campaign take?

And this is how we approach it

Using a tried and tested method, together we make your goal and its impact clear. In this way, you can be sure that your requirements will be met. Guaranteed.

And that’s how we can help you


An internal workshop with stakeholders from HR, L&D and the department. One that makes use, necessity and solution clear.

Didactic concept

Together with you, we design a didactic concept. Tailored to one or, if necessary, several target groups.

Learning campaign

A single intervention is usually not enough. If necessary, we use various learning resources and channels.

Blended Learning

Together with you, we assemble the ideal combination of online and offline learning resources. We keep what is good.

Defining success

How do you know when your learning interventions are effective? Where they are going well and where they need extra attention?

Ask us for advice

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