A warm welcome for new employees

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My first working day was great!

Your new colleague tells anyone who will listen, “It was great!” Yet there was also uncertainty, “Will I suit the organisation and will the organisation suit me?” As a Learning Professional, you naturally took this into account. That’s why your Onboarding programme pays a lot of attention to ‘feeling at home’. Right?

What do you gain with a warm Onboarding?

  • New employees feel immediately connected
  • The ‘newbies’ are productive up to 34% faster
  • You reduce the risk of early resignation by 42%
Onboarding | e-Learning en LMS | UP learning

Nice to have an Onboarding programm like that

You should have one too


It helps you win the War for Talent. Brilliantly.

And suddenly you’re talked about at every party. You are attractive. And that means you have a wide choice of the best applicants. No more competition.


Early resignations? We don’t have them here.

There are two sides to every relationship. We try to live up to each other’s expectations. In this way, newcomers stay on board longer and you have fewer vacancies. Marvellous.


Measure productivity? You need to know.

The “newbie” quickly feels at home. Oh yes. They work well too. For sure. That’s how you know your Onboarding programme is delivering. That’s good for ‘the business’.

"In the period between signing a contract and the first day of work, you also want to enthuse new employees and confirm their choice."

Innovative Onboarding Programmes

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Free Onboarding webinar

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Knowledge of Onboarding. We are happy to share it. For example, through our Onboarding blogs and Onboarding Checklist. Tick!

The power of the Onboarding Buddy

  • What is an Onboarding Buddy and why do you need one?
  • What qualities does a buddy have?
  • How do you prepare a buddy?
You can read all about it in our Buddy blogs.

Onboarding Checklist. Tick!

  • A new Onboarding programme or improve your current one?
  • Ideas for your Onboarding activities?
  • What do you look for in an induction process?

Our comprehensive Onboarding Checklist will help you to make progress.

Choose what you do yourself and how we help you.

Didactic concept

Designing a didactic concept with a ‘blended’ programme that combines offline and online Onboarding.

Onboarding workshop

An internal Onboarding workshop in which those involved from HR, L&D and the department discover the added value of a warm welcome.

Learning resources

Determine which existing online and offline learning resources and systems you can use. Tip: a separate onboarding app often turns out to be an unnecessary investment.

Onboarding Programme

Design your Onboarding Programme to suit your target audience. A poster, (interactive) Video or AR/VR? Match your goal and budget.


How do you determine the success of your Onboarding Programme? And how do you make sure you can make adjustments in time? Measure & know.

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