Back to work mentally and physically safe after lockdown

Wise organisations are already preparing for an intelligent end to lockdown. Screens are being installed, new hygiene protocols drawn up, soap and face masks ordered, etc. But are knowledge and resources adequate enough to change the actual behaviour of employees and to dispel their concerns about their health?

As a learning professional, you know better

As a learning professional, you know that applying new behaviours requires more than an instruction about hand washing, keeping 1.5 metres distance or using face masks. Knowledge and physical measures alone are not enough. There is more work to be done here.

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Eliminate stress about safety

How should I travel? How do my colleagues and customers behave in the office, factory, shop or institution? Do we talk to each other? And will my colleagues and manager understand if I want to work from home? Employees are concerned about their health. And certainly if it depends on the behaviour of others. That can cause stress. For you as a learning professional, this is a great opportunity to use your expertise to create an environment that is both physically and mentally safe. Long term. How do you do that?

Lifting the lockdown intelligently

With an intelligent end to lockdown, you can ensure a safe and relaxed feeling on the work floor. You reduce the risk of sick employees. But each situation requires a different approach. Lifting lockdown in a healthcare facility is different than in an office, shop or factory. So, start thinking about the new reality of your employees.

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