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Tailor-made sales training for winning results

As a Learning Professional, you know that a few days of training are no guarantee of success. We help you to keep your sales team up to strength. This can be done with a complete tailor-made training course or as an addition to an existing course.

How do you make sure your colleagues score?

  • Let them learn on the job. Maintain their productivity.
  • Make sure you can quickly adapt an e-Learning yourself. For example, with new products and services.
  • Knowledge through e-Learning. Deepening ‘face-to-face’.
In what way would you like to strengthen your sales?
Sales | e-Learning en LMS | UP learning

Sales at full strength

This is how we help you


Practice until you get a

Advise, convince, close the deal. How do you train your sales colleagues in the ‘Golden Path’? Together with you, we look at which learning resource best suit your learning needs. Which budget too, by the way.


Supporter of Performance

Performing by learning. You therefore offer your sales colleagues the help they need at that moment. Don’t they know what they need? It’s handy that you have arranged Performance Support.


At home, on the road, in the shop and at the office

Your sales colleagues are busy and always on the move. But you still have an excellent feeling about their development. Through your approach, they learn continuously. Where and when it suits them.


We work for, learn together and grow with

The power of bespoke e-Learning?

Or wondering about the benefits a Learning Platform can deliver?
Discover their stories.

"Training days down from 30 to 6. New employees spend 24 more days in the shop."

An Interactive Video or does Augmented Reality work better?

Increasing knowledge of new products and services. Extra attention to sales skills and knowledge sharing. How and with which (learning) tools will we achieve your goal together?

eLearning and Blended Learning

From Interactive Video to face-to-face meetings. From Infographic to Augmented Reality. What form should your learning campaign take?

And this is how we approach it

Using a tried and tested method, together we make your goal and its impact clear. In this way, you can be sure that your requirements will be met. Guaranteed.

This is how we help you

Didactic concept

Designing a didactic concept with a ‘blended’ programme that combines offline and online sales training.


An internal workshop in which those involved from HR, L&D and the department discover the added value of tailor-made training.

Learning resources

Determine which existing online and offline learning resources and systems you can use for your sales force.

Blended Learning

Design the Sales Training Programme that fits your target group. A poster, (interactive) Video or AR/VR? Match your goal and budget.

Defining success

How do you determine the success of your learning programme? And how do you make sure you can make adjustments in time? Measure & know.

Ask us for advice

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