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Which e-Learning development tool suits you?

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You want to develop e-Learning yourself. Where do you start? 

Are you looking for a tool to develop e-Learning yourself? Or would you like to maintain the e-Learning modules we developed for you yourself? We will help you to choose and learn how to use the right tools. Allow us to briefly introduce our 5 favourites.

We are fans of these e-Learning development tools

Are you just starting to develop e-Learning or do you want (almost) infinite possibilities? We have put together a list to help you make the right choice.

Would you like to develop attractive, versatile and interactive content in a simple way? Articulate Rise is an excellent development tool for this. Because it is fully responsive, your e-Learning module is immediately suitable for both desktop and mobile devices.

Articulate Rise


For more complex learning issues, Storyline offers almost unlimited possibilities, both didactically and for designers. Our e-Learning developers also like to use this ‘big brother’ of Articulate Rise. You are then particularly flexible in the combination of didactics and ux/ui design. See also Lectora.

Articulate Storyline

imc Express from imc is an authoring tool based on Artificial Intelligence. Put your texts and images in imc Express and your e-Learning rolls out automatically. If you want content experts to create e-Learning modules themselves, this is an accessible way.

imc Express

Sometimes an assignment is so specific that we have to look for the most suitable authoring tool. For the European Union, we have developed e-Learning modules in 28(!) languages. Gomo proved to be the most suitable development tool for this. So we quickly made it our own.


Just like Articulate Storyline, Lectora is also excellent for building more complex e-Learning modules. Here too, the didactic and ux/ui design possibilities are virtually unlimited.


Prefer to develop with us in another tool? That’s also possible. Our e-Learning developers have experience with numerous tools, in addition to their knowledge of didactics and UX/UI design. Feel free to ask.


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